Association Structure

For years, our alumni infrastructure consisted of the House Corporation and scattered pockets of alumni members operating independently.  In 2009, a number of Epsilon-Sigma Chapter alumni brothers aimed to unify our proud alumni.  That effort began by forming a chartered Alumni Chapter that was recognized by Kappa Sigma Fraternity headquarters.  Shortly afterwards, they assumed responsibility for the House Corporation, established a charitable foundation, and adopted By-Laws that are shared by all Alumni Association related organizations.

Executive Board Members and Directors

Jonathan M. Costello

President –
Grand Master

Jon was a Fall 1999 initiate of the Epsilon Sigma Chapter. Shortly after being initiated, Jon was appointed to fill a vacancy on the executive committee and completed a term as Grand Scribe. In 2000, Jon was elected Grand Master of the chapter. While an undergraduate member of the fraternity, Jon is a two time recipient of Kappa Sigma Scholarship Leadership Award. He currently serves as an Assistant Alumnus Adviser to the Epsilon Sigma Chapter, a position which he has held since 2008. In addition to his work with the undergraduate and alumni chapters, Jon continues to be involved at the University as an adjunct professor at Florida State.

Michael Luescher

Vice President –
Grand Procurator

Spending his first year at FSU enjoying the fellowship of the chapter, Mike was initiated in 1992. He was elected Grand Scribe in 1993 and Grand Master in 1994 of the undergraduate chapter. Mike has represented the chapter on the Intrafraternity Council and as an FSU Orientation Leader. During Mike’s last undergraduate semester, the “E. Michael Luescher Brother of the Year” award was created in his honor. Mike has served as House Corporation Vice-President from 2007-2009. He is One of Jackson’s Men, Pin #168. Mike currently resides with his wife and two daughters in Pensacola, Florida, and is employed as a Project Engineer for one of the nation’s top 500 engineering firms.

Ryan Charles

Vice President Membership –
Grand Master of Ceremonies

Ryan was a Fall 1994 initiate of the Epsilon Sigma chapter at The Florida State University.  He served in various academic & advisory roles during his undergraduate and graduate days at FSU. Together with other Epsilon Sigmas; Ryan owns Deep Blue Yacht Supply, an international marine supply company. Ryan resides with his wife and family in Melbourne, Florida.

Shane A. Fuller

Secretary, Communications –
Grand Scribe

Shane was initiated in the Fall of 1995.  He held a variety of positions including Rush Chair, Philanthropy Chair, and Social Chair and was a member of Scalphunters. He was elected Grand Master in 1999 of the undergraduate chapter. Under his leadership, the chapter received its second Founder’s Award of Chapter Excellence. He also served as an Assistant Alumnus Advisor to the Epsilon Sigma Chapter from 2009 through 2011. Shane received a BA and a Juris Doctorate from the Florida State University.  Shane is an attorney and resides in West Palm Beach, Florida

Eric S. Bland

Treasurer –
Grand Treasurer

Eric was a fall 1994 initiate of the Epsilon Sigma Chapter. He served as Intramural and Community Service Chair and was then elected Grand Treasurer in 1996 of the undergraduate chapter. Eric is a certified public accountant registered in the State of Florida and Virginia. He resides with his wife and family in Herndon, Virginia.

Scott B. Barloga

Registered Agent –
Board Member

Scott was initiated in 1986. He was elected Grand Master in 1989 of the undergraduate chapter.  Presently, Scott resides with his wife and family in Panama City Beach, Florida and is a partner in the law firm Pope & Barloga

Alumni Foundation

The Alumni Association is also the parent organization to a foundation that was established so that brothers who wish to make tax deductible gifts to the chapter have a means to do so.  In turn, the foundation contributes to charitable causes sanctioned by the Alumni Association.

  • Champion Quest Scholarships for New Members
  • Steven Edwards Scholarships for Undergraduate Brothers
  • Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Scholarships for Undergraduate Women